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Weekender: Tresor Berlin

Weekender: Tresor Berlin

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Closing in on their third decade straight of promoting a firm Techno vision, presenting a safe and inclusive space, running one of the most iconic dance floors around the world, Tresor remains amongst the top tier of club environments. Oost is thrilled to invite the passionate crew and some of their affiliated artists over for two nights of characteristic music, unique ambience and raving in style.

FRIDAY line-up: Handmade DJ Page, Bloody Mary, Nathan Homan.
SATURDAY line-up: The Futurist, Sleeparchive live, HGR aka Hintergrundrauschen, DJ Leoni.
If you encounter any problems don't hesitate to contact security or nearest staff member.

Tickets & Info
Weekender: Tresor Berlin


Oosterstraat 13 9711 NN Groningen
Entree €15 (passe partout) / €12