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Impermanent Spaces

Impermanent Spaces

woensdag 24 november t/m woensdag 22 december

Door Paul Verheul en Alan Ahued Naime.
Starting from a shared artistic studio at the international Master Frank Mohr Institute, a collaboration emerged between Alan Ahued Naime and Paul Verheul. In a work period at the container art space MOBi they experimented with different fibers. For Impermanent Spaces Paul and Alan chose a black, transparent fabric hanging from the ceiling, traversing MOBi’s immense space. The suspended, under tension textile is constantly moving, tightening and loosening, through each thread’s movement. Assuming the fluctuating forms of its natural structure.
In the 21st century’s vicious circle of exhausting fast pace of life, the visual artists are inviting the audience to experience the artwork’s slow movements. Through these, the structure transforms into different shapes in a steady and unrushed pace. Existing in a state of impermanence, each moment is a unique assembly of shape and form. As such, each moment becomes a unique terrain, a shifting space referencing to both the passage of time and to our placement therein.
Wo t/m za 12-17 uur.

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