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Barricades Illustration Festival

Barricades Illustration Festival

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What happens when you put over 100 illustrators together and ask them to explore the theme BARRICADES? Will they make them, break them, climb over them or find a way to dig under them? Is a simple drawing of a ladder all they need to conquer their barricades; or a stick man to give them a leg up?

BARRICADES is a festival about illustration and animation based in Groningen NL, featuring over 100 illustrators. For a period of 10 days, the former museum of natural history, now turned Art Academy Minerva will be transformed into an exhibition of illustrations that question the barriers of our time. Alongside this main exhibition will be a range of prints, animations, zines, and sketchbooks; These pieces showing the diversity the art of illustration can offer.

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Barricades Illustration Festival

Academie Minerva (Praediniussingel)

Praediniussingel 59 9711 AG Groningen
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